Crystal Candles

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Crystal Candles!!

4 oz. Soy wax in Amber glass with lid.
High Quality fragrance oils
Burn time: 8-9 hrs.

Scented soy candle infused with crystals, Crystal info card, packed inside a muslin pouch.

Choose from:

Rose Quartz- Stone of Love
Scent: Peony (Floral notes, flirty)

Citrine- Stone of Wealth.
Scent: Mandarin Orange (Uplifting Citrus, scent)

Ocean Jasper- Stone of Happiness
Scent: Mahogany Teakwood ("manly" woodsy smell! My personal fave!-- think Flannel )

Perfect small gift for office, bathroom or entryway.

Gifting idea: Ideal gift for co-workers, or addition to a gift basket. Add a gift card or matching crystal cuff or bottle of wine to make it a special and thoughtful one of a kind gift.